How to add Corrective Exercise to your Chiropractic Practice to improve your outcomes and increase your income by 30-50%
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IMPACT VII:  Meridian, Idaho: Feb 17-21, 2021​​​​
Zar Horton​​​​: StrongFirst Master Kettlebell Instr.
Dr. Jeffrey Cronk, DC JD: SmartInjuryDoctors
Patients Have Excuses & Objections
Hearing From Our Impact Speakers
Holly Jensen​​​​: Cash Practice
Dr. Miles Bodzin, DC: Cash Practice
Dr. Chad Woolner, DC: ChiroFunnel University
Dr. Perry Barnhill, DC: Fearless Chiropractor
Andrew Peterson: Previous Exercise Therapist
Dr. Laney Nelson, DC: Protec Spine
Dr. Zach Reindinger, DC: Dr. Todd's Associate
Dr. Kari Bennett, DC: MoveNow Member
Dr. Mark Goodman, DC: MoveNow Member
Dr. Brad Rankin, DC: MoveNow Member
Dr. Seungyeup Ro, DC: MoveNow Member
Dr. Richard Bui, DC: MoveNow Member